Companies need specialized technicians, not hundreds of graduates!

While the school system is churning out graduates at full speed, mechanical workshops are looking for competent professionals. Is university education useless? Without questioning the value of culture, it is a fact that there are many more Italian graduates than the world of work requires. The entry of young people into the company is increasingly slow, laborious and tiring.

High-sounding educational qualifications and prestigious specializations result in unemployed people awaiting employment, who have never learned to use a tape measure to measure the width of a window. Let alone if they know how to use a caliper or a micrometer correctly! The crucial question is not whether attending university pays off, but rather why the education system insists on directing our young people to jobs that will no longer exist. Or worse, they have already disappeared! Universities, in fact, teach students skills that the market has not required for years. Specialized technicians are needed!

The Italian production fabric is in dire need of technicians to be employed in precision mechanics. Companies require professionals with the necessary skills to understand and implement the entire manufacturing cycle of mechanical components. The kids have to learn to design, read drawings, master programming languages, check the final product, manage a machine tool. Those who draw up school programs seem to have no idea what the productive fabric of our country really needs!

There is an extreme need to train expert technicians, willing to solve problems and work as a team, mastering all the latest mechanical innovations. It is time to take note of the paradigm shift in the market and start our kids to negotiate, communicate, manage time and money; in short, we need to invest in training aware and proactive people. Otherwise, the risk is to get a (very expensive) degree and end up frying chips. If you take this path, therefore, at least remember to choose the right oil … not like it happens with machine tools!

Matteo Lazzarato

Master Trainer Q1 Solution Method