Important mold manufacturer reveals his opinion on Q1 Solution and the FSS method

Important mold manufacturer reveals his opinion on Q1 Solution and the FSS method

When we talk about production organization and technological innovation, we know that our colleagues in the mold manufacturing sector are among the most advanced.

We cannot help but mention them, as everyone knows that they are among the most technological and that they have very demanding production models.

The high-quality mold makers have very high standards and all the components they use are state-of-the-art.

EXCELLENCE is the watchword.

Yet when we talk about PRODUCTIVITY, INNOVATION AND SAVING, Q1 SOLUTION always carves out an undisputed LEADERSHIP space.

I don’t say it, but the mold makers who use FSS® products, who express their enthusiasm for the results they are obtaining thanks to these coolants and the exclusive management system.

And this is very heartening, because it shows that we are increasingly reaping the deserved fruits of years of sacrifices and investments for the development of an excellent innovative refrigerant and system.

Years in which we have studied with our heads down and have been inspired bythe best production models from all over the world, in order to offer the best possible flow management system and raise the refrigerant standards of all our customers.

And I must say that the results are not long in coming.


Below you can read what one of our mold manufacturing customers writes, which highlights how the Flud Saving System® with the innovative coolant FSS® is the right solution to obtain maximum performance from process fluids

The customer in question is UNIMOLDS SRL

So I leave the floor to Alessio Passadore production manager of Unimolds srl:

“The unpleasant smells and frequent tank changes have disappeared, the rust problems in the machine have disappeared along with the irritations in the hands of some of our operators”

We have adopted the FSS (fluidsavingsystem) system successfully.

We have been working with Q1 Solution for more than three years, we are very satisfied with the relationship that has been established, once a technical problem has been exposed we have always found

the right answer is the most suitable solution, as at the base of the company organization there are real trained and capable professionals.

The unpleasant smells and the frequent tank changes have disappeared, the rust problems in the machine have disappeared together with the irritations to the hands of some of our operators.We appreciated the evident reduction in consumption as well as the quality and consistency of the products. our expectations.

Alessio Passadore

mold area production manager


This testimony makes us understand how today Q1 SOLUTION is the right answer to all production companies that really want to become competitive, without having to use low quality products, apparently less expensive, but very expensive to manage, making the final cost not competitive!

Fluid saving System is a unique system, combined with the innovation of FSS refrigerants means

Cost reduction and increased productivity guaranteed.

We are really excited to be able to collaborate with companies like Unimolds srl and meet their expectations, with very high standards.

If you too are a user of CNC machine tools for metalworking and want to have a clearer and more complete view of your coolant fluids to obtain these results, do not waste any more time …

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