The Machine that Changed the World

The Machine that Changed the World

There is a famous and very famous book written in the 90’s entitled “The Machine that Changed the World” by James P. Womack.

This book has become so famous that it is now considered a sacred handbook for all insiders in the manufacturing world.

James P. Womack was a young American graduate when he began studying the various production systems in the automotive world, including the most famous of Toyota, trying to understand how this company could have developed a production system so efficient that it could overcome the American model of Ford.

The Toyota system was then coined in “Lean Manufacturing”.

The title of the book, however, could be a little misleading, because it is exactly titled “The Machine that Changed the World”, but inside it is not really about a specific machine or product, but about a system.

That’s right, a system.

The fact is that many in the sector, being a bit lazy, do not read the content and stop to read only the title, thus getting an idea in mind for which there may be a machine or a product capable of solving all the their problems and evils in production, in practice by scratching that fateful ticket with the monentina you automatically become Scrooge Scrooge complete with a dip in the pool of pure gold coins

No kidding.

There are really people around who propose the product that changed the world to help you solve all the problems in production, like a pied piper who with his sweet melody will slowly take away your money and you will never see them again. more.

In fact, we know that this is not the case.

If you read the book carefully, you understand how the real turning point is dictated first of all by a change of mentality and the application of a system that helps your production company to apply a new business model.

“The Lean Thinking”, that is, learning to think lean.

From here, all the concepts and key points were developed that together make up the Toyota Lean Manufacturing system.

At the base of everything there is certainly the concept according to which it is possible to optimize production, lowering waste and increasing productivity.

The Machine that Changed the World is therefore a book that helps you to think precisely in this perspective, according to which it is not important to dwell on mass production, but rather and first of all on the optimization of your production department just like a modern technology and very fast racing single-seater

What should be your first and obsessive goal?

Maximize the productivity of your production department, to minimize waste and maximize results.
Are there any methods that can help you and guide you in this process?

Sure there are.

There are methods, tools, technologies and so on and so forth.

The product that changed the world of coolant for mechanical production

We can do the exact same thing for the world of cooling lubricants, because there are new technologies that are helping us to face the new market challenges ever better,

but at the base there is always a system and a change of mentality.

Of course, it must definitely be adapted and adapted to the specific situations of this sector, but I assure you that the starting point is the same at the base.

I could stay here to tell you that “The pipeline that changed the world” are our FSS® refrigerants or this brand new technology and category of nanoemulsions.

But in reality it would be a real deception for you, because this could put in your head the strange idea that if you take our FSS® nanoemuslione then suddenly all the evils are cured and your Production returns to being competitive as it once was.

Am I right?

Yes, let’s say that if you had already really understood the potential of FSS® nanoemulsions for your Production Department, today you would already have them in the car.

But leaving out this aspect, I can tell you that first of all, at the basis of this new and extremely powerful technology there is a system that makes all the difference.

What is it about?

Of the Fluid Saving System®, which is also based on the concept of “Think Lean”, ie learning to reason and think in a lean perspective.

Change of mentality and change of business model are the key to becoming competitive again as it once was.

The Fluid Saving System® starts from these concepts and adapts them to the world of coolant users, to help you understand how to maximize your coolant management model and transform costs into revenues.

So what is the Machine that Changed the World for the coolant user industry?

To truly understand what the Fluid Saving System ® is applied to the brand new FSS ® nanoemulsions and what objectives, I invite you to click on the link below …


Matteo Lazzarato

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