Who we are

A team of innovators for increase the profit margin of your production process

Q1 Solution®

a team of innovators

Q1 Solution® revolutionizes the management of metalworking fluids, to make mechanical processing more efficient.

A team of expert technicians, with more than thirty years of experience oriented towards a real paradigm shift: to obtain excellent results, buying the best metalworking coolant is no longer enough.

Analyzes the oil management process by applying Fluid Saving System®  to scientifically select which elements to intervene, for increase their performance.


The goal of Q1 Solution® is to maximize performance in metalworking production with by applying the principles of Lean manufacturing to process fluids. Allowing it’s customers to achieve excellence in performance and cost, in a clear, safe and simple way with a system that provides scientific proof of the improvement.

Increase the margins of your production process starting from the balance of your metalworking fluids.

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