Why choose crystalline based whole oils

Why choose crystalline based whole oils

An all-Italian formula, produced by Q1 Solution®.

The first line of fully synthetic ester based neat oils for chip removal.

Composed of a food grade H1 approved lubricant base, with crystalline additives that make them transparent and extraordinarily stable, they do not oxidize during long work cycles.

Compared to classic neat cutting oils, it allows performance and stability over time, guaranteeing safe performance, without risk for the user, for the materials and for the machines:

    • odorless, transparent
    • without any risk for the user.
    • its lubricant base with a high concentration of antioxidants promotes high resistance to oxidation; it is much more stable over time than traditional foreign products on the market.
    • the food approval of the lubricant base used makes the product perfectly safe: its safety data sheet is pure, without any indication of danger.
Matteo Lazzarato

Master Trainer Q1 Solution Method