Why choose Nanoemulsions

Why choose Nanoemulsions

An all-Italian formula, produced by Q1 Solution®.

Q1 Solution® believes and constantly invests in the search for formulas with innovative and safer features for those who use them.

Q1 Solution® Nanoemulsions for metalworking are completely different from classic emulsions:

    • They are considerably more resistant to evaporation, consumption is reduced by over 50% compared to traditional emulsions.
    • They do not need the classic detergent and biocide components commonly used and cause erythema and skin irritation for the user.
    • They do not use stabilizers (antifoam, anti-algae), the structure of the molecule alone prevents the formation of foam and reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation.
    • Nanotechnology controls matter on a dimensional scale in the nanometer range (one billionth of a meter!) The advantages are considerable.
Matteo Lazzarato

Master Trainer Q1 Solution Method